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    I’m Asmae and I’m passionate about the future.

    With 11 years of digital and innovation strategy management experience in Europe & MENA on both the consulting and client’s side, my mission is to help corporates and startups that matter

    Accelerate, Transform and Innovate.


    Established players across industries are being disrupted by new, nimble and fast incumbents.

    Digital disruptions, new business models and exponential technologies are aggressively re-shaping the way we create and capture value.

    Yet disruptions are still at their infancy and the pace of change will keep on accelerating.


    I am dedicated to helping my clients re-invent themselves and become hyper-relevant in these times of profound uncertainties. I do this by co-creating & driving mission-critical digital transformations, corporate innovations and accelerations programs that can systematically generate tangible & measurable results.


    My direct, indirect clients and previous employers include: Serco, Accenture Paris, BNP Paribas, BMCE Bank, Al Futtaim Group of Companies, General Electric, Bensouda Consulting, Sheraa, Startupbootcamp Fintech accelerator, Womena tech accelerator, Duval Union consulting, Engie, UAE university and many more.


    I’m entrepreneurial (setup 2 startups in the last 6 years), venture partner of tech VC funds in South-East Asia and dedicated to bringing a positive change to the MENA region by enabling my clients to jump the next S-curves, innovate and transition smoothly into the 4th industrial revolution era.


    If you are a corporate eager to transform, a consulting firm looking to augment your teams or an accelerator craving deep knowledge expertise to shake things up, I look forward to serving you.


    Together we can co-create a sustainable and abundant future!

  • Digital Transformation

    "It's not digitization, it's transformation"


    A rewarding program that every company taking seriously its future needs to undertake. The goal is to not fall into the trap of digitizing the current value-chain. It is about adopting a forward-thinking approach to understand the future of the industry and co-designing a future-proof strategic transformation roadmap to stay relevant in our digital world. The main pillars of the transformation include:


    1. New-age digital customers's segmentation & experience

    2. Business models revamp & Products/Services digital alignment

    3. High growth markets and 4.0 competitive strategy

    4. Digital & Strategic organizational structure, governance & Culture  


    Corporate Innovation


    "There are foundations to fix and accelerations to not miss"


    The corporate innovation program is the acceleration layer destined to propel companies towards their designed future. Targeting the dual dimension of inside-out innovation and outside-in innovation (corporate venturing). The program comprises of:


    1. In-depth analysis of the future trends & disruptions re-shaping the industry

    2. New-age competitive analysis of existing and future incumbents

    3. Exponential technologies & hyper-disruptive business models convergence workshops

    4. Ideation & disruption workshops to generate critical internal & external initiatives

    5. Future-proof, agile & squads' re-organizational revamp to support the execution

    6. Future-skills & innovation culture transformation roadmap


    Acceleration Programs



    Those are bespoke end-to-end or partial acceleration programs/curriculum for incubators and accelerators to enable a pool of selected startups to go exponential.

    Using different methodologies, market insights, in-house disruption frameworks and one-on-one advisory, the program is designed to be impactful, to-the-point and results-oriented.


    It's SUPER fun, powerful and it works!

    Edu-Entrepreneurship Programs


    Whether you are a university looking to provide an entrepreneurship curriculum to your students or a corporate craving to up-skill your employees on new ways of thinking, fresh perspectives and ground-breaking tools and techniques to solve your most pressing challenges, this custom-designed program is for you!




    Corporate Accelerators



    The relevant corporate acceleration structure is engrained in the strategic & innovation transformation roadmap of the company. So:


    1. What does this mean for your company?

    2. What are the structural collaborations to be put in place?

    3. What are the pain points we are trying to solve?

    4. Which organizational structure is the most relevant to execute on the vision?


    Curating Startups For Investors



    Sometimes, it is as challenging for startups to raise funds, as it is for individual & corporate investors to identify great & investible candidates.

    High potential startups are curated based on the preferred growth stage, industry or technology through the local and international Lean X Consulting's venture partners & network.


  • Corporate Innovation: Intra-preneurship Vs. Venture Client Model

    A discussion about corporate innovation strategies, startups garages, CVCs and disruption with Executives from AirBus, BMW and Sheraa.

    Forbes Digital Trends

    On the sidelines of a panel I moderated for Forbes Middle-East about Artificial Intelligence, i had the pleasure to share my views on what digital transformation really entails.

    Dubai FutureTech Decentralized

    In my interview at the Dubai FutureTech Decentralized conference, i had the pleasure to discuss about the future of emerging technologies and their enormous potential to advance humanity and accelerate societal change.

    What Makes a CEO Exceptional?

    @ 'Business is Personal' Podcast

    At the "Business is Personal" podcast, we discussed with Dr. Corrie Block, the challenges and opportunities CEOs face in this rapidly changing competitive and digital landscape. Check it out!

    The Future-Proof Organization -Keynote Speech @ Briar Prestidge

    In this Keynote Speech, i presented in collaboration with Duval Union Consulting, some perspectives and actionable tools and frameworks to future-proof organizations and startups alike. You can check it out here.

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