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    And like you, Innovation & Entrepreneurship excite our spirit!

  • Acceleration Programs

    Call us the accelerator of the accelerators!


    We design bespoke acceleration programs to enable your pool of incubated startups to reach their next level of growth. Using our methodology, our team of experts support the entrepreneurs to define their unique value propositions, product and market fits, go-to-market strategies, define and prototype their Minimal Viable Products, enhance their user experience and Customer experience, monitor their growth metrics and much more!

    Startups Bootcamps

    We design and deliver impactful and memorable startups bootcamps!


    Our team is passionate about startups. Our experts are themselves serial entrepreneurs, startups mentors and some of them are business angels and investors. As a team, we know what it takes to design outstanding startups bootcamps which IMPACT on the community and the participating startups last way beyond the end of the event.

    we pay attention to every single detail, from the on-boarding process, to the delivery of highly impactful entrepreneurship workshops, to the design of turnkey entrepreneurs toolkits, till the experience and post-learning evaluations, we are sure to wow your audience and bring you the competitive edge our community is craving for !


    Startups Pitch Competitions

    So they think they can pitch?

    Pitching a business to an audience of investors is an art.

    Educating our community of entrepreneurs on what it takes to get their message out there, in an impactful, clear and concise manner excites us.

    We design bespoke Startups pitch competitions, design relevant pitch deck templates and support the entrepreneurs to get their data and pitch in place before going on stage.

    We help you get the best out of your event and make it a memorable and impactful one. Yes, with us, THEY CAN pitch! The right way!


    Bespoke Entrepreneurship Programs & Workshops

    Whether you are a private or governmental entity looking for laser-focused expertise in organizing and designing entrepreneurship programs or a university looking to foster a culture of entrepreneurship among your students: we are here to SERVE!

    Our team of experts have more than 35 years of experience combined in designing and delivering highly impactful trainings and entrepreneurship workshops.

    Curating Startups For Investors

    We understand that it is as challenging for startups to raise funds, than it is for investors to curate great candidates for investments. We are here to help you in your mission!

    Through our pool of startups in the Middle-East and Africa, we will help you curate, assess and screen based on your preferred industry, investments tickets' size and Startups' growth stage, the candidates that we believe are worth your time and money!

    We are here to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

    Strategy Advisory For Startups

    We provide one-on-one business coaching for startups. Our team of startups experts will accompany you throughout the lifecycle of your startup development.

    Depending on your growth stage, our experts will assist you in acquiring the knowledge, tools and know-how to define your value proposition, go-to-market strategy, perform your product and market fit, validate and fine-tune your pricing strategy, define your growth strategy and identify with you the areas that require your focus.

    By working with us, in addition to the business strategy coaching, we will give you access to our pool of partners who will foster your growth and enable the success of your venture. Our trusted and curated partners include digital marketing experts, startups lawyers, branding strategists and PR professionals. 

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